February 28, 2012

Keith Age - Live at 9pm Eastern

Live at 9pm Eastern, click the player to the left and listen to our live interview with SyFy Channel's Keith Age. He's been interviewed hundreds of times..but not like we're going to interview him!

February 26, 2012

Harrison House Bed & Breakfast - Columbus, Ohio

Harrison House Bed & Breakfast
Nestled in the middle of the Ohio State University area in downtown Columbus, Oh is the hidden gem known as the Harrison House Bed & Breakfast. Listed on the National Historic Register, this location is beautiful inside and out.

Lynne, the owner, chef and host of this place, is one awesome lady. Having been fairly skeptical before the 6 years she's owned this place, her mind has been changed completely. While this place is a working business, she's open to paranormal teams renting a room and investigating overnight,  so bring your team, rent the rooms and check out this beautiful, historic location in Columbus. We want to thank Lynne for hosting Cornerstone Paranormal on a night with no guests so that we could have run of the place.We'll be featuring our investigation and visit to the Harrison House on Tuesday March 6th, with our live guest owner and host Lynne. 

February 23, 2012

Inside The Paranormal - New night, new time on FM radio

WVQC 95.7 FM Cincinnati
Inside The Paranormal started on WVQC 95.7 FM in Cincinnati in August 2010. Our show was live on Monday night from 7-8pm EST. Well things have changed since then. We're now live on the Blogtalkradio platform on Tuesday nights from 9-10pm, offering us greater flexibility. However, staying true to our roots and keeping the FM connection (we're one of a few on true FM radio that doesn't pay a fee like CBSSKY Radio that others have to pay for). So now we're in a prime time slot on WVQC on Friday night from 8-9pm Eastern, which is a pre-recorded episode from the Tuesday prior. 

February 22, 2012

Keith Age is our guest Feb 28th @ 9pm EST

Syfy Channel's Spooked TV star Keith Age is our guest on Tuesday Feb 28th. If you've never been around Keith, you're in for a treat with his no-nonsense attitude about paranormal investigations. His direct approach sometimes causes a stir, but that's what we like about him. Sure he's been featured on many shows around the para-radio realm lately, but we're a little different. Don't miss Keith and Inside The Paranormal

February 20, 2012

New, Unique and ONLY from Inside The Paranormal - Zeno Radio!

Ok.something new..something exciting and announcing the FIRST paranormal talk show in the entire US and North America to be brought to the ZenoRadio broadcast family! Check out https://www.zenoradio.com/ to learn more about them. To listen to our show, LIVE from any telephone (home or cell) in the world, call (312) 340-6757 and you'll be able to tune into Inside The Paranormal Radio. Just remember..., we're the first to bring you this feature (driving down the road, tune in with your cell phone with free nights and weekends after 9pm EST) on your bluetooth, on your Skype, or any other phone! Soon to be imitated and duplicated by many other paranormal talk shows, we bring innovation, and great programming to your radio on FM in Cincinnati, to your computer and Smartphone, now to any phone in the world!

Micara Link - Soul Coach, Reiki Master and so much more live from South Dakota

Micara Link
Join us with Micara Link, Soul Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Intuitive Counselor will be our guest Tuesday Feb 21 @ 9pm EST. Join us as we talk about what it takes to learn to heal people and for people to look to you for guidance and inspiration in life. You'll also want to join in because Micare will be taking live calls from our listeners to offer her guidance from those who seek it, FREE! Don't miss this one time chance to speak with Micara and hear what she has to say about your life, direction and events coming up.

February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Guest - Southern Ohio Paranormal

Southern Ohio Paranormal Investigators, based out of Washington Court House, Ohio will be our Valentine's night guests @ 9pm EST. Having investigated The Madison Seminary (pictured left) and many other great places, we look forward to having them on the show to talk about their investigations.

Don't forget they will also be hosting the Southern Ohio Paracon at the haunted Poasttown Elementary school May 25th as well!

February 6, 2012

Bill Bean - Author, Speaker, Investigator

Bill Bean
Tuesday Feb 7, 2012 our guest is author, speaker and investigator Bill Bean. His book, Dark Force, talks about how the Supernatural destroyed his family. His website features photos he's taken, as well as other information about his story and his book. Join us Tuesday Feb 7th at 9pm Eastern Time on Inside The Paranormal radio.

February 3, 2012

Cornerstone Paranormal - Returning to the Sedamsville Rectory to investigate

Is the Sedamsville Rectory Haunted?
The Cornerstone Paranormal team will be returning to investigate the claims of animal spirits, mean spirits, bad priests and other reports of unexplained activity.

On our first visit to the Rectory, our team experienced some smells of flowers where there were none, EMF activity in places we wouldn't expect (and it was on demand), some EVP's and some personal experiences of feeling like people were being touched.

This time around, we're taking our special 4-legged investigator to see what she senses that we may not. We are the first team to bring an animal investigator into the Rectory, and one of the few teams that use one at all. We'll post any findings, and any videos of her reactions if something comes up. Stay tuned!