January 17, 2013

Jan 18th - Best Interviews of 2012 - 8 PM Eastern Cincinnati

So now we're into January of 2013. We've been looking back at some of the fun from 2012, we've found ourselves with some pretty great interviews. We have the only interview with Josh Gates from any paranormal radio show, both on the radio and online only. We had Bill Murphy, Fr Jack Ashcraft just days after he presumably performed an exorcism at the Sedamsville Rectory (so why is it still having "activity"?) and so much more. Tune in Friday night 8pm Eastern and let's hear some of the best clips from 2012!

January 5, 2013

1.11.13 - Psychic, Medium, Student, Investigator Nick Lantz

Join us Friday night at 8pm Eastern as we have Nick Lantz, from Redemption Paranormal, join us live to talk about a wide variety of topics. We're going to talk about growing up with what might seem like an odd or scary gift, having a parent who is sensitive, how classmates treated him, and how college life is. Mixed into all that, we're going to talk about the investigations he's visited and the people from the conventions and other events he's attended. This hour will be packed minute to minute and is surely a conversation you won't want to miss!