November 25, 2012

How do they invent these cool ghost tech tools??

Ever wonder who is behind all the cool tech toys coming out in the paranormal field? Wonder what the purpose of using these tools during an investigation? How do they work, and what makes people think they've found a ghost using these tools? This Friday, Nov 30th, join us live at 8pm Eastern with Catch A Ghost Paranormal Equipment founder/owner Terry Rowe and we'll discuss all this and more!

November 13, 2012

Are you afraid of the truth?

Tired of all the so called "para-drama"? We are too, but we're not going to sit back anymore. We're going to call out those causing it, and if that means we're causing more, that is OK too. Someone has to help us all advance this field and sitting on our hands and not saying anything because we don't want to be involved is the wrong solution to this problem. The more we let the morons ruin things, the harder it is to come back from the damage they cause the field. If you're sitting on information that you know would help the field, but don't want to "cause the drama" you are part of the problem. Step up, stop being a sissie and help police ourselves. If we don't do it, then those who are skeptics, those who seek to do nothing but debase our field will do it for us, taking us all down with the fakes, phonies and idiots. We're not going to let that happen, for at least as much as we can help it. Join in, call in, tune in, chat in, however you need to get your voice heard, join us Friday Nov 16th and see what names we drop and take notice: If you're a part of the problem, we're going to let everyone else know about it. No we're not the paranormal police, but ALL of us are responsible for keeping our field clean of this crap. When will YOU stand up and join in, or are you going to continue standing on the sidelines?