May 31, 2011

Monday June 6th

Cornerstone Paranormal
This coming Monday members of the Cornerstone Paranormal investigative team that went to the Mansfield Reformatory over Memorial Day weekend will be in the studio to talk about experiences  and some of the evidence we captured while spending the night in one of the most reported haunted prisons in the Unites States. We'll have some great EVP's to play for you over the air, some photos will be posted online for you to see (maybe not paranormal photos, but some pretty damn cool ones anyway). We'll also talk to our team members about what is was like for some of them in their biggest investigation in their paranormal lives. 7 pm EST live on WQVC.ORG, 95.7 FM in Cincinnati and

May 29, 2011

Mansfield Reformatory - After Action report

The Cornerstone Paranormal team (accompanied by another team as guests) completed a private investigation of the Mansfield Reformatory last night. After starting the night off with a tour of the facility, and learning a little more about the history of the place, both teams unloaded their gear and started devising plans to divide and investigate.

So after a round of pizza and soda, the Cornerstone Paranormal Team (of which ITP Hosts Dave & Teresa are members) set off to investigate the prison side of the Reformatory (there is an administration side that the other team started with and we switched off throughout the night). You know one thing about doing something like this with another team, you really can take a look at your methods, tools, team members and have something to compare too. Now, granted, this isn't to say one team is "better" than another, it's simply to say that if you have a paranormal team, you have to decide what type of team that you are.

For example, there are teams out there who are paranormal investigators. These teams go out and look for hard evidence that the paranormal exists. More often than not these teams don't find that hard evidence, but on occasion find circumspect evidence, or at least evidence that cannot be discredited. These teams usually consist of skeptics who believe in the possibilities, but not that all things are paranormal in nature.

You then have teams who go out and ghost hunt. These teams will be invited by many individuals or businesses who claim a haunting exists, or some other supernatural occurrence. These folks want their location to be haunted, and ghost hunters want to find the evidence that a haunting exists. It's not to say these teams are faking evidence, but it's also not to say they are always correct in their judgement of what truly is evidence. You'll often find these teams as having many investigations under their belt, and they'll have allot of evidence posted on the web for everyone to see what great ghost hunters they are. But are they? That is for the individual to decide.

I will state that Cornerstone Paranormal walked down the same cell blocks as the other team. We used different methods for EVP work (such as saying it's chow time, rec time, mail call, etc) and the other team used similar tactics (saying things as do you want a magazine, cigarettes, etc). CP found themselves with 3-10 EVP's from the night, while the other team claims to have "tons" of evidence. How would that be? Are the questions from the EVP sessions just different enough to elicit "tons" of evidence? These are things that we at CP try to validate, or debunk. Unlike other teams, who will run with that they collected and claim it all to be paranormal in nature (not looking to validate if a team member was cheating or if their ears are hearing things not truly there).

So the next time you check out a paranormal investigative team and want to join them, want to invite them in to check out your experiences, ask yourself this: Do I want to hear I'm haunted, or do I want to simply hear the truth?

May 27, 2011

Mansfield Reformatory Investigation

Sat, May 28th, Inside the Paranormal hosts Dave and Teresa will connect with our paranormal investigative team, Cornerstone Paranormal, and other guests to investigate the Mansfield Reformatory. This site has been the location for several movies, music videos and television ghost hunting shows. Saturday, we take our swipe at the place to see what evidence or experiences we happen to capture.

On Monday, June 6th, we'll play any EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) that we happen to capture, as well as post any photos that we may get (or video clips as appropriate). We'll also have members of the Paravizionz team, and selected friends and guests accompany us to the prison for the investigation.

Do spirits really still linger in the prison, or do we simply want them to be there, so we find what the mind is looking for? Cornerstone Paranormal and our guests will know the answer come Sunday morning! We'll be locked in from 7 pm Saturday night, until at least 5 am Sunday morning. We'll also record interviews with members of both Cornerstone Paranormal ( and Paravizionz  throughout the night to see what each member has experienced. 

May 26, 2011

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May 25, 2011

Springfield Paranormal Society in studio May 30th

Springfield Paranormal Society is in studio this coming Monday May 30th (Memorial Day) live. Check us out @ 7pm EST on WVQC 95.7 FM Cincinnati or stream live from WVQC.ORG.

SPS is a fairly new paranormal group, so we'll explore their findings so far and we'll listen to an EVP or two they sent us. 

May 23, 2011

It's here! The Ben Hansen interview

Ben Hansen SyFy Fact or Faked
Finally, the interview from last week with Ben Hansen. This runs a little longer than our usual hour because of some freakish technical issues that came up last week. If you were listening live, you'll remember that at 12 mins into the interview both of our transmitters went offline at the same time. It took our staff about 20 mins to get it back up and running. Ben was very cool, he allowed us to call him back (while he was having an oil change lol) and took the time to finish up a great interview. So here is about an hour and 20 mins of Ben Hansen talking about Syfy's Fact or Faked and other topics we brought up. Some of the interview is missing, as our tech issues paused recording at the time.

So we appreciate everyone listening, and enjoy the interview with Ben!

May 18, 2011

Katie Boyd - Demonologist

This coming Monday, May 23rd, check out Demonologist Katie Boyd from New Hampshire live @ 7pm EST.

Ben Hansen interview to be posted soon!

Thanks to everyone who checked into the show on Monday to hear Ben Hansen. We're sorry about the transmitter issues, that was a nightmare! Oddly, we have backups in place for these types of issues and they all failed concurrently, so we're still going to blame Ben for his hitchhikers or the fact the FBI didn't want us to really learn the truth about aliens (yes, this is meant in jest for you whack jobs out there).

Anyway, we'll have the podcast of his interview up by Thursday evening for you all to listen. Ben had some great things to say, talking about some of the behind the scenes stuff at Fact or Faked on SyFy and just talking about some of the stuff he's personally researched. Keep an eye out!

May 16, 2011

New name, same great show!

We have changed our show name from Cincy Paranormal Radio to Inside Paranormal. We have taken our show from a local focus, to a more wide focus of the paranormal. We appreciate all the local teams and investigators and practitioners that we've met, and will continue to cast light on their efforts.

Join us on Inside the Paranormal on Monday nights @ 7pm EST on WVQC 95.7 FM and soon on CBS Radio throughout the US on FM and Digital radio, as well as streaming to your smart phones and web!

May 15, 2011

So what is the paranormal anyway

So what exactly is the paranormal anyway? Is it the Supernatural? Is alien? Is it simply us, as humans, not fully understanding what is going on around us? In short, I think the simple answer is "yes", although I can't prove any of that. We, as "paranormal investigators" get so hung up on finding the one piece of evidence that proves something exists that we simply just can't believe is possible.

One of the most important aspects of the paranormal or not-so-normal field that seems to be missing from the day to day we see on TV and the web from all of these groups is knowledge of what's natural in the environment around us. Depending on where on the planet you happen to be, what is natural may be widely variable to what is natural in another corner of the globe. Knowing these differences is simply one piece of the overall puzzle.

Another aspect is understanding the tools and methods you're using to determine if paranormal or not-so-normal activity exists. It doesn't matter if you're looking for Ghosts, Bigfoot, ET or anything else that might fall into the genre of the paranormal, if you don't know how to properly interpret the data you're compiling, then why collect it to begin with? Misread, misidentified and otherwise misapplied data and assessments are more critically damaging to the field of the paranormal as not having any evidence at all. For those teams who put out evidence of questionable nature, please, you're hurting the field. You're hurting those trying to do true research, and you're making a joke of yourself.

May 12, 2011

Monday May 23rd - Demonologist Katie Boyd

Join us Monday May 23rd when we turn down the lights, light up a few candles, pull out the Ouija Board (ok..ok..we're kidding..settle down) and have Demonologist Katie Boyd talking to us for the hour.

Monday May 16th - Ben Hansen from Syfy's Fact or Faked

Our guest this Monday is former FBI Agent and current Lead Investigator from the Syfy Channel's show called Fact or Faked. Come listen in and see how America's premier law enforcement agency now trains our top paranormal investigators!

May 11, 2011

Cincy Paranormal Radio May 9th live show

Here is our May 9th show talking about EVP's (and playing a few of them too)

Here we are!

Ok, So we finally decided to add a blog to our site. Mainly, we're doing this to have a method to post topics we may be discussing, or to talk to the paranormal community between our weekly shows. We'll also post feeds to our podcasts so that you can listen to our shows on the go, whenever, wherever you want!