March 27, 2013

Roads Hotel - 3.28.13

This episode we'll talk to Chris, one of the owners of the Roads Hotel in Atlanta, Indiana. Now a privately owned facility, the Roads is listed on the National Historic Register and boasts a varied and storied history. Join us a Chris talks about buying the location, living onsite, and how he and his paranormal team have turned the hotel into a paranormal research facility. Listen as he describes some unique theories, and how they have taken a device from Inside The Paranormal sponsor AEO Photo and really made some interesting photographic discoveries.
See anything interesting?

We'll also talk about the Cornerstone Paranormal team visit to the site, play some of the audio we've captured and talk about the photo to the right. Take a close look (and no, we don't mean the orbs on the lower level) and tell us what you see. Now, look again, do you see it? We're going to have a great discussion with Chris, this is a location you'll want to take your team for an investigation.

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