October 28, 2012

Psychic Medium Victor Paruta is our guest Friday Nov 3

Join us at 8pm Eastern as Victor Paruta joins us live in studio. We'll be talking about development of the gift,  how to present your skills to the public at large, where to turn when the Psychic Medium needs guidance. We might even be able to talk Victor into a couple of phone calls and live remote readings! Tune in 95.7 FM Cincinnati, stream online from the Live Broadcast Button on the right, or use your smartphone with the Tune In App (search for WVQC FM from within the app itself). If you believe you have the gifts of a Psychic Medium, want to develop it more, or just would like a chance to ask questions, this is your one chance to speak directly with Victor! Don't forget to join our chat room at the bottom of this page where you can ask your questions and he might even be able to do a remote reading from there.

Also if you're in the Cincinnati area November 16th-18th come visit the Victory of Light Psychic Fair, founded by Victor 20 years ago this year! Our paranormal team, Cornerstone Paranormal is one of the featured presenters at Noon on Sunday in Room 102!

October 22, 2012

Father Jack Ashcraft - Live Friday Oct 26th!

This week we welcome Father Jack Ashcraft. Recently, he was featured on the Ghost Adventures episode that aired 10/19 while performing an exorcism at the Sedamsville Rectory with Zak, Aaron, Nick and the boys. Father Ashcraft, who has authored many books on various religious topics, including demons and exorcisms. You can even watch this 47 minute video of Father Ashcraft at the Rectory and see for yourself about his work and what they experienced at this location.

Join us Friday night, Oct 26th at 8pm Eastern, live. You can find us on 95.7 FM Cincinnati, stream online from the link on the right that says LIVE BROADCAST and catch us on your smart phone using the Tune In App (search WVQC FM from that app). You can also join us in our chat room at the bottom of this page during our live show to ask questions that we'll pass along to Father Ashcraft live on the air. This is one episode you won't want to miss, Father Ashcraft's first media appearance after the airing of this event!

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October 14, 2012

Take us with you everywhere now!

Now you can take Inside The Paranormal Radio (and other shows) with you on your smart phone or tablet (Droid. Apple, Blackberry, Windows 8 or other).  You can go right to the Tune In App mobile download from here or from your device search "Tune In" and download the app. Once you have the App installed on your device, search our radio station, WVQC and mark it as a favorite. Then join us live on Friday night from 8-9pm Eastern. So whether you listen to us on 95.7 FM Cincinnati, Stream it online or now from any smart phone or tablet, you don't have to miss us no matter where you go!

Fact or Faked cast member Bill Murphy live this Friday 8pm Eastern

Friday Oct 19th, join us as we talk with Fact or Faked cast member Bill Murphy. We're going to discuss theories, test models, equipment, and if we'll ever get to a point that we can prove the existence of an afterlife in some manner. With 20 yrs experience in the field of paranormal research, hop in our chat room and ask your questions to Bill. 

October 8, 2012

Fri Oct 12th - Josh Gates and the Demon Doctors

Nope it's not the newest rock band, its Destination Truth's Josh Gates then at 830, we'll have the Demon Doctors. We have the EXCLUSIVE Josh Gates interview from his time at the ScareFest event in Lexington, Ky. Everyone wanted him for their blogtalk and online radio show, but we got him. Listen to what he has to say about filming Destination Truth and many other fun topics. Do you know what he studied in college? How did he end up on Destination Truth? We've got your answers! Just for added flavor, if you want to WATCH us interview Josh Gates, look to the left, where it says Recent Interviews and watch the video taken by AdventureMyths' own Vicki Ricketts!

Then we'll move on for a 20 minute discussion with the Demon Doctors. This team from New Mexico has some very elaborate claims. Tune in Friday the 12th at 8pm Eastern to 95.7 FM Cincinnati or stream live from our website right here (look in the top right for a link to online listening). Do you believe in Demons? Do you believe we can control them? The Demon Doctors say they can rid you permanently of any Demon. 

October 2, 2012

Bell Nursing Home - Are the patients still looking for help?

This Friday, Oct 5th, join us as we introduce you to the Bell Nursing Home in North East Ohio. We investigated about a month ago, so allow us to tell you about this location that has only been open to the public since April of this year. At 8pm Eastern,  meet Emily, one of the owners of the Bell, along with her sister Natalie. Listen to how Emily went from being a skeptic to someone who can't quite fathom what she has experienced, but knows that she has experienced something. All at the Bell!