February 20, 2012

New, Unique and ONLY from Inside The Paranormal - Zeno Radio!

Ok.something new..something exciting and announcing the FIRST paranormal talk show in the entire US and North America to be brought to the ZenoRadio broadcast family! Check out https://www.zenoradio.com/ to learn more about them. To listen to our show, LIVE from any telephone (home or cell) in the world, call (312) 340-6757 and you'll be able to tune into Inside The Paranormal Radio. Just remember..., we're the first to bring you this feature (driving down the road, tune in with your cell phone with free nights and weekends after 9pm EST) on your bluetooth, on your Skype, or any other phone! Soon to be imitated and duplicated by many other paranormal talk shows, we bring innovation, and great programming to your radio on FM in Cincinnati, to your computer and Smartphone, now to any phone in the world!