February 26, 2012

Harrison House Bed & Breakfast - Columbus, Ohio

Harrison House Bed & Breakfast
Nestled in the middle of the Ohio State University area in downtown Columbus, Oh is the hidden gem known as the Harrison House Bed & Breakfast. Listed on the National Historic Register, this location is beautiful inside and out.

Lynne, the owner, chef and host of this place, is one awesome lady. Having been fairly skeptical before the 6 years she's owned this place, her mind has been changed completely. While this place is a working business, she's open to paranormal teams renting a room and investigating overnight,  so bring your team, rent the rooms and check out this beautiful, historic location in Columbus. We want to thank Lynne for hosting Cornerstone Paranormal on a night with no guests so that we could have run of the place.We'll be featuring our investigation and visit to the Harrison House on Tuesday March 6th, with our live guest owner and host Lynne.